Good Samaritan Ever Helps Stranded Motorist On Highway

We live in a dangerous world and we are becoming more and more aware of that. This is a good thing since it helps us take more precautions and make us be more alert to what’s going on around us. Unfortunately, it’s also made us more suspicious when it comes to other people.
For instance, most of us would never even think twice about stopping if we were to see a car pulled over on the highway. Sure, there might be someone who could actually need our help. But there also might be someone who could attempt to hurt us or steal from us.
Some people are willing to ignore the risk because they still believe there are more good people in the world that there are bad people. The man in the video below is definitely one of them.
Uncle Mullet loves helping others in need by doing something he’s really good at, and that is repairing cars. By watching the video below, you’ll get a chance to follow him during a day in his life and witness all the beautiful miracles he has made possible.
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