These Guys Are the BEST at Recreating Women Photos

Whether we ladies like to admit it or not, we usually put a lot of time and effort into making our photos look as good as possible. And it all starts with finding that perfect pose. All women will tell you, that is not an easy feat.
After taking about 10-15 pictures that pretty much look awful, many woman turn to women’s magazines for inspiration. However, trying to mimic those models who have years of experience and dozens of assistants helping them look their best is not always a good decision.
More often than not, the photos end up looking awkward and in no way similar to the original photo seen in the magazine. Whoever tried to recreate those water hair flip photos knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Sure, sometimes the effort pays off and you get a great-looking picture you can post on Instagram and expect the comments to start flowing, but it’s usually not the case.
At the end of the day, women’s approach when it comes to taking photos is very different than that of guys. Guys (some of them) care less about how their hair looks in the picture, or whether their butt shows they’ve been working out.
But as the images below prove, guys are very good at taking ladylike pictures. The images below are a great compilation of men actin like women in front of the camera, and they are bound to make you laugh.
Whether you’re a girl or a guy, we’re sure you’re going to appreciate these lighthearted impersonations, so go ahead and take a look.










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