Twins Make an Amazing Discovery 11 Weeks after Birth, It’s More Than Heartwarming!

It’s always weird when you see a stranger who kind of looks like you. There are billions of people on this Earth, but somehow we all think that there’s no one else who looks like us. So when we notice someone else who has a similar physical appearance, we tend to freak out and think it’s totally weird.
Now imagine being a baby and seeing another person who looks just like you. Kaden and Kyson are two adorable twins who are 11-weeks of age and are just starting to discover the fact that they look so much alike.
Mom put both of them on the sofa and started recording. Now, it’s important to say that twins can take up to several to realize that they are in fact twins and that there’s another human being out there who shares the same physical appearance.
The look on the babies’ faces when they realize they are not looking at a reflection in the mirror, but actually another human being is just priceless. As you can imagine, the moment when the two babies really started looking at each other was really precious for their mom who recorded the whole thing.
This is so adorable!

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