Irish dancers teach Steve Harvey how to step dance – Their dance moves are mesmerizing!

Steve Harvey’s show “Little Big Shots” is all about celebrating incredibly talented children with extraordinary skills who have managed to achieve amazing things despite their age. And the kids in the video below make no exception.
They are still in middle school, but they are already extremely skilled Irish dancers who have plenty of experience performing on stage. As Steve Harvey sits down with them to ask them a few questions about their passion, he came up with the idea to learn some specific Irish dancing moves himself.
So one of the kids stands up and starts showing him a few moves. Steve Harvey does his best to mimic them, but he clearly has a long way to go if he wants to match the kids’ level! Still, Harvey has a lot of fun, and the kid does an excellent job as his first Irish dancing teacher.
If you want to try a couple of moves yourself, you can watch the video below and give it a shot now! It sure looks like a lot of fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hobby while you are it! Ready for your first Irish stepping lesson?

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