Mom caught her toddler stealing cupcakes. His defense? HILARIOUS!

Do you know why so many kids want to grow up as soon as possible? Well, scientists have discovered (probably) that the main reason kids want to turn into grownups is so that they can eat all the sweets they want.
Children of all ages can’t resist sugar. As you most likely remember, as a kid you’re constantly getting into trouble for eating candy before dinner or when you’re now allowed. Still, sweets just taste so darn good that is really hard to restrain yourself and resist the urge to have a delicious treat.
The adorable little boy in the video below got himself in quite the trouble after his mom caught him trying to steal some cupcakes after she told him and his brother that it’s not allowed. What did the boy did after mom said No? What every kid does; he just went ahead and asked grandma for permission. He knew grandma won’t say no.
Still, grandma couldn’t protect him from his mom’s anger. But the way the argument unfolds proves that the kid can defend himself. His reasoning for eating the cupcakes is just hilarious!
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