When a Target employee stood on a checkout counter, nobody expected him to say THIS

As I’m sure you’re probably aware by now, Black Fridays can get pretty crazy. As it turns out, people are not above stepping on each other if that’s going to help them get as many products on sale as possible.
It’s a proven fact, sales and discounts can drive people crazy and make them act in ways they wouldn’t ordinary behave. There’s nothing that can bring out the worst in someone that a big sign that say: Huge Discounts, Limited Offer Only.
Well, if you think about how hard it is for customers to navigate through a store full of people hunting down the best products, just think about the employees of the stores where the promotion are hold.
The employees are outnumbered, outplayed and outpowered. Much like the Spartans in the movie “300.” But this Target employee seems more than capable to deal with the impatient mob of customers ready to do whatever to get their hands on what they want.
Inspired by King Leonidas speech in 300, the gives an awesome speech meant to empower his colleagues/brothers in arms. His speech is definitely inspiring; someone should give this guy a raise. Or a part in a movie.

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