Mom Hears Doctor Gasp Moments After Delivering Twins, Looks Down & Quickly Realizes Why

Giving birth is a priceless experience that no words can properly describe. After nine months of imagining how the moment of meeting your baby for the first time will be, you finally get to live it. And, as far as most women are concerned, it’s not even close to what they had pictured in their heads.
It was definitely the case of the mom in the video below. Sarah Thistlethwaite, a math teacher from Ohio, was in the delivering room, anxiously waiting for the medical personnel to do their jobs and hand her the precious babies.
Then is when she heard one of the doctors let out a big gasp – a sound no woman wants to hear when she’s half-through giving birth. As you can imagine, her heart starting racing. But just seconds later, the doctor lifted out the twins at the same time, instead of one at a time as it’s usually done.
What was his reason for doing so? Well, as it turned out, Sarah’s twins were monoamniotic. In these rare cases, the twins being born share the placenta, their amnions and chorions. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind birth and how the babies are doing now by watching the video below:

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