This principal is letting one of his students shave his head to send a powerful message

They often say there’s no better way to teach than through personal example. Well, the principal in the video below definitely seems to believe in this if we were to judge on the way he treats his students and the way he runs his school.
A gesture the man did to support one of his students and teach everyone that you should never be afraid to stand up for someone if you think they are being mistreated.
You see, the principal let one of his students shave his head in the middle of the hallway at his school to teach other students a powerful lesson about bullying. The student had previously shaved his head in honor of his grandpa after he was diagnosed with cancer. But when he showed up at school the next day, some of his colleagues started to make fun of him because of his new haircut.
The principal found out about it and decided it was up to him to do something. But instead of punishing the bullies and give them detention, the man chose a different, more effective route to help the bullies understand what they did was wrong. Check it out:

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