Woman Spots Mannequin Of Herself In Window, Looks Around And Struggles To Hold Back Tears

We live in a world that seems to be obsessed with perfection. What’s even more disturbing is that perfection has almost become synonymous with lack of diversity. It’s enough to open up a beauty magazine or take a stroll in a mall to see this.
All the models out there seem to look more or less the same, and have the same proportions. If you ask me, that’s insane, considering these models are supposed to represent regular people who buy the products being advertised.
We don’t all look the same, and it’s about high-time the advertising industry acknowledges that.
It’s hard to find a mannequin that doesn’t have perfect portions, but it’s pretty much impossible to find a mannequin in stores that represent people with disabilities, which can make those who have an infirmity feel like outcasts.
It’s a huge problem, but luckily there are charities like the Pro Infirmis in Switzerland who come up with creative solutions meant to make a real change so that people with disabilities no longer feel inadequate.
The organization put together an incredible project like nothing you’ve ever seen. Find out all about it by watching the video below.

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